Corinth Adventist School



What the Parents Say

 I chose this school because of the quality of the teachers and to allow my child to be in a Christian atmosphere. The size of the school allows my child more one-on-one teaching. I wanted my child to learn about Jesus and the Bible.

The teachers work well with the students and parents. The children enjoy going to school.

What do you consider the strengths of the school?

      1.  The teacher has a genuine love and concern for the children  and a personal relationship with Jesus.

      2.  Supportive parents and church

      3.  Diversity of students

      4.  Good academics

I have seen such an improvement in all of my children's attitudes in the past few months. They are learning the Bible and I think that's the most important subject there. I'm glad my children are in a school where they can pray and not be ashamed or get in trouble for a breaking a "rule".

Mr. Reed is very excellent in English and I believe teaches it well. I like the books that the library has on missionaries, nature, and Christian topics.

 I chose this school for the Christian setting, also for the size.

A strength of the school is the bond as a family and school. The teachers are there for the parents, as well as for the students.

 The students are taught to put God first.